Master's Message


   The days are getting shorter, signifying the end of summer and the start of a new masonic year. The start of the masonic year makes me reflect on the start of the masonic careers of our new members. This year we have almost 10 candidates to be initiated. In my 10 years in our lodge, I can’t think of another time Babylon Lodge has had so many new members.

   This summer a small group of past masters and officers of Babylon Lodge organized with Mrs. Carol Johnson to present our brother Owen Johnson with his 50 year apron and pin at his home. He was very happy to see the brothers come and present these awards to him. Calls and cards will be appreciated.

   Our new members come to our doors looking for many things. They are looking for fellowship, which has never been in short supply at Babylon Lodge. They are also looking for knowledge of Masonry. Brethren, I invite you to engage our new members by sharing your knowledge of masonry with them. Masonry has a rich history which is likely unknown to them. Share with them stories of masons and masonry which have interested you, and watch how it also interests them.

  We often say to our candidates after their degrees that the ceremony was a lot to take in, and it is. I suggest to you that after the degree, why not share with the candidate a part of the ceremony that you found particularly poignant, or point out to him some of the symbols in the lodge room? Let us answer their questions and engage them in discussion of their experience. Their eagerness will undoubtedly reinvigorate your own interest in masonry. Brethren, these men are coming to us looking for something, let us not fail to provide it for them.


Sincerely and Fraternally,


W: Michael Haggerty

Master, Babylon Lodge793